Expressive Arts Therapy


Expressive Arts Therapy can assist us in reengaging our imagination to dream up creative solutions to our current struggles, and give us vision for our future goals.

Before becoming a therapist I was a visual and performing artist - illustrator, singer, musician, and dancer. I have used these mediums in my own process of healing, and offer exploration with many forms of creative arts to find deeper connection to self and empower expression. Art can be a powerful way to access difficult content through metaphor and externalizations of internalized pain. It can also be a joyful way to celebrate and honor growth and boundaries, and connect to community. I have practice using visual art, music, drama, poetry, writing, and dance in therapy. I also consider my personal practices of yoga, cooking and fashion, among others, as forms of expressive art therapy. 

Using the arts in therapy has the potential to strengthen coping, bolster resilience and give voice to oppressed parts of ourselves. It is a big part of my personal self-care and co-care.